Sweets for Hina-matsuri (the Doll Festival for girls) ,so cute!!

             Candies for Hina-matsuri

Have you ever heard Hina Matsuri?

March 3rd is Hina Matsuri in JAPAN.
I'm afraid that it's too late to post it on this blog.
Hina Matsuri is the festival to make a wish for girls to grow up in good health. They set traditional dolls Hina-ningyo(doll) on a red step-like stand . The pictures in candies on the dish portray the emperor and the empress dolls which are set on the top of the stand. 
Blue doll is the emperor.Pink is the empress. 
Candies like these are called "Kintaro-ame"(ame means candy).Kintaro-ame is a candy cane before cut. Same picture appears no matter where you cut it.

 I'm not a native speaker, so sometimes my English may be a little strange.
You think I seem like 'TRUE Japanese' to excuse myself,
don't you? But I'm afraid that you will find me to be poor in English. I have to study English harder than ever before.I intend to study hard!  I should !! I must !!! Because that I want to explain something more complex about Japan.

In any case,  I will post many interesting things!! 

Wait till

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